August 18, 2009

What's Next? Dr. Huxtable, The Musical?

Megan Mullally, the singer, actress and former TV talk-show host currently starring in the Odyssey Theatre’s production of The Receptionist, is at work on a new project based on her Emmy Award-winning “Will & Grace” character.

Karen: The Musical, Mullally told LA Stage, will feature music and lyrics by Jeff Blumenkrantz. “The idea is that Karen decides she is going to do a Broadway musical for a variety of hilarious reasons. . . . [Jeff and I have] been collaborating on this for a few years and have everyone’s permission to do it, if you know what I mean. We’re just now starting to go out to book writers and directors. I just think it’s a funny idea.”

Mullally hopes to premiere Karen in Los Angeles followed by limited runs in New York and elsewhere.

“I think the idea of [Karen] singing is funny! But I also love doing the wrong thing some time. The thing you’re not supposed to do. Everyone always wants to distance themselves from their past sitcom characters. But I think it’s funny just to keep doing it!”

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