August 10, 2009

Loved You Then, Love You Now, Quinn!!

Quinn Cummings is such an underachiever. After receiving an Academy Award nomination at the age of 10 for her role in Neil Simon’s The Goodbye Girl, she appeared on TV's Family for several years, invented the HipHugger, a stylish baby sling, and then went on to write an acclaimed blog, The QC Report. Just in case that wasn’t enough, she’s written a truly laugh-out-loud funny book, Notes from the Underwire: Adventures from My Awkward and Lovely Life (out now). Show off.

Underwire is a Hollywood tell-all meets mom-oir, filled with vignettes about her life, past and present, in Los Angeles. Cummings bounces around from tales of her acting days (discovering that Valerie Bertinelli was offered a role over her because they wanted someone “attractive” — ouch!) to her current life of domesticity (trying to determine a better answer for her daughter about why her pal Carson has two mommies than “They found him in a cabbage patch at an Indigo Girls concert.”)

Despite her sparkling résumé, each chapter paints Cummings as flawed and clumsy: a story about her childhood appearance on The Tonight Show only serves to illustrate her uncanny ability to always say something inappropriate (she was the last child guest he ever invited on). Her willingness to expose her shortcomings with such honesty, charm and humor makes her feel like a relatable gal pal — and may be her greatest achievement yet.

Notes from the Underwire: Adventures From My Awkward and Lovely Life is available now from Hyperion Books.

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