August 6, 2009

Joseph Jackson Wants MJ's Kids to Tour Next Year

When everyone has turned their accusations and blame (and, trust me, I'm not saying the accused should not be put through our justice system for his actions) to Michael Jackson's doctor with the questionable ethics, it's unacceptable that no one is blaming Michael Jackson's parents. Do any type of digging (from LaToya's tell-all book and the alleged sexual abuse she endured from her father, to J. Jackson shamelessly plugging one of his acts during an interview on his pop-king son's death), and you will see that the parents -- particularly Joe -- have treated their children not as children but as a money-making, robotic brand. And yet no one is blaming or focusing on where it all started. And now what I just heard is that Mr. J. Jackson believes he has a new group to promote and that Michael Jackson's three children (allegedly who he already has dubbed "The Jackson 3") should do a multi-country, global tour next year.

It makes my heart break -- and it's unacceptable. Perhpas "Man in the Mirror" was dedicated to or written about J. Jackson (or at least it should have been). What are your thoughts?

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