August 14, 2009

If I Were to Cast a Remake of GREASE

There are some movies (most) that should never, ever be remade (The Women, Psycho) and Grease is one of those (actually so is Grease II but for different reasons all together). So, if I were to cast a remake of Grease, here is who I would cast:

Sandy: Amanda Bynes
Danny: James Marsden would have been great but of course it's Zac Efron
Rizzo: Stockard Channing
Frenchie: Frenchie (diversity)
Martie Marachino (as in cherry): Lacie Chavier
Jan (does anyone really want Jan to be in the remake?)
Kanicki as in Hickey: Ryan Reynolds
Teen Angel: Donny Osmond
Doody: Jason Bateman
Oh, there was another one, too, wasn't there...well, see "Jan" comment
Cha Cha Deregorio (best dancer at st. bernadette's): JLo
Principal McGee: Bette Midler
Secretary (played by Dodi Goodman): Jennifer Coolidge
Coach Calhoun: Ed O'Neil
Vince Fontaine: Ryan Seacrest
"Crater Face": Ray Liotta (typecasting)
Vy (waitress at malt shop): Lily Tomlin


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