August 20, 2009

Forever Your Girl-Judge?

Paula "Cold Hearted Snake" Abdul departed American Idol on Twitter and as of yet has not landed a new gig. There were talks of her being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, but that was nixed by judge Mary Murphy. Then she was supposed to make a guest appearance on Ugly Betty, but that didn’t go through either. Paula isn’t on Dancing With the Stars either despite higher-ups campaigning

So when are we going to hear her incoherent rambling again? Most likely back on American Idol if MSNBC is right. Paula is negotiating with execs, but isn’t budging on her salary. She wants at least the same $45 million 3 year deal Ryan Seacrest has. Since producers are saying hell no to that, they’re thinking of limiting her appearance to live shows to justify their lower salary.

Maybe execs have it all wrong. Who can understand what the hell Paula is talking about half the time anyway. Maybe she didn’t want a $45 million deal like Seacrest. Maybe she said she wanted Gummi Bears and an unlimited supply of rum and it only sounded like $45 million. People need a damn decoder ring just to figure out whether or not she liked a contestant.

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