July 30, 2009

Madonna and the "Arm" Issue

Reported on AOL's PopEater: A much-ballyhooed snapshot of Madonna sporting a pair of muscular limbs with absolutely zero fat on them has been cast away by her rep as a work of fiction. The photo, taken on July 26, raised questions in the fitness community on whether she is taking her grueling workouts too far.
But her people insist Madonna is not that skinny and that the pic was tweaked.
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"Madonna’s arms in the most recent photos have absolutely been altered by Photoshop or some other means," the unnamed rep told GossipCop.com on Wednesday, "Her arms do not look like that in real life."
Enfluencer talked to her "rep" and neither of us can believe people actually are worried about whether or not Madonna is "too lean." Madonna has been a healthy, fit, active and curious health-oriented person practically since the beginning. And I've seen her, met her, and spent time with her. She is solid, tiny and incredibly aware of her body. If anything, people should look to her and realize that a 52 year old doesn't have to starve herself to be fit...oh, and btw, she made $87 million last year....

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